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Drill Chuck Removal and Installation

Drill Chuck Support

This drill chuck guide outlines the methods of chuck mounting and removal for the various drill chuck types; threaded and tapered spindles, and tapered shank arbors. This drill chuck removal guide is also available as a pdf document.

On Threaded Spindle Portable Tools

To mount drill chucks:

Thread chuck on the spindle by hand so that the back of the chuck seats firmly against the mounting surface provided on the portable tool spindle.

To remove drill chucks:

Chucks with threaded mounts can be identified by the letters "B" or "BA" in the model number (1B, 41BA). BA model chucks may have a left hand thread retaining screw through the chuck body into the tool spindle, Remove retaining screw through the chuck jaw hole opening, turn screw clockwise and proceed as described for B model chucks. B model chucks may be removed from a threaded spindle by tightening the chuck jaws around a hex key and striking the key with a sharp blow in a counter-clockwise direction, using a wooden or rubber hammer (Illus. A.)

Illus. A. - Threaded Spindle Chuck Removal

On Tapered Spindles

To mount chuck:

Clean both tapers of all grease and grit With the chuck jaws completely refracted into the chuck and using a thin piece of wood to protect the chuck nose, tap the chuck into place on the spindle.

To Remove chuck:

If a power tool has a tapered spindle, the chuck may be removed from the spindle by inserting chuck removal wedges between the chuck back and the spindle housing (Illus. B).

Illus. B. - Tapered Spindle Chuck Removal

On Tapered Shank Arbors

To mount chucks:

Clean both tapers as above. With the jaws retracted into the chuck and with the chuck nose resting on a wooden bench, strike the tang of the arbor lightly to seal it into the chuck. Do NOT assemble on an arbor press as excessive pressure will expand the chuck body and distort the chuck jaw holes.

To remove chucks:

Insert wedges between the back of the chuck and the shoulder of the arbor (Illus. C). In case the mounting taper of the arbor does not provide a shoulder, a cross hole should be drilled through the neck of the arbor (illus. D.) and a cross pin inserted. Then the wedges can be used between the chuck back and the cross pin. If desired, a hole may be driled through the soft center portion of the chuck body (Illus. D.), and a pin may then be used with an arbor press to force the arbor out of the chuck.

Illus. C/D. - Tapered Shank Arbors Chuck Removal

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