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How do I choose the right replacement drill chuck for my Drill driver/ Hammer drill?

Drill Chuck Support

This selection guide for drill chucks outlines how to choose a suitable replacement drill chuck for your drill driver or hammer drill.


Step 1. Determine what kind of replacement drill chuck you want - a keyed chuck or keyless chuck.

Over the years, keyless chucks have been widely used for handheld power tool drills, due to their improving grip torque and convenience.


Step 2. If you prefer replacement keyless chucks, then you have to know what type of keyless chuck you will need - a single sleeve keyless chuck or a double-sleeve chuck.

You can simply determine it by checking your current chuck. If your current chuck is a keyed chuck or a double sleeve chuck, then you will need a replacement double-sleeve keyless chuck. On the other hand, if your current chuck is a single sleeve chuck, then you should get a replacement single sleeve chuck.


Drill Chuck Sleeve Type


Step 3. Confirm the threaded mount size (spindle size) on the chuck.

3/8"-24 threaded mount for 3/8" capacity drill chucks and 1/2"-20 threaded mount for 1/2" capacity drill chucks, but there are some exceptions where just the opposite may occur. To be safe, always check the threaded mount before you buy replacement drill chucks.


Drill Chuck Thread Mount

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