Jacobs story

It is hard to believe that a set of bruised knuckles was the impetus for one of the most significant industrial advancements in the 20th Century.

Arthur Irving Jacobs was never one for leaving things alone. He was always improving them - continually coming up with new ways of working and new gadgets to do the work. Before he was 30, "A.I.", as he was known, had perfected a new method for making bicycle spokes, and chains, plus many other manufacturing advancements.

On one particular occasion, he was working with an old style drill press, trying to hold the belt control with one hand, and applying the spanner wrench to the other. The wrench slipped and he badly battered his knuckles. A.I. knew there had to be a better way. In a matter of days, he had developed the first drill chuck with a toothed sleeve and key. A few months later, he founded what would become The Jacobs Chuck Manufacturing Company. The rest, as they say, is history......

The keyed chuck helped to transform the production process just at the time when industrial manufacturing was about to experience its most significant growth in modern times. Today, the concept of the original keyed chuck is an integral part of all drill chuck technology.

It has been applied to a wide range of applications, from the most sophisticated CNC machining to drilling with the smallest cordless portable drill.

The Jacobs Chuck Manufacturing Company maintains a global presence as a recognized leader in the design manufacture of precision tool and work holding devices for stationary equipment and portable power tools.

Finding a better way through world-class innovation and world-class partnerships - that's the driving force behind our business. It's a tradition that began with A.I. Jacobs a century ago when he set up his first network of distributors for the toothed sleeve and keyed drill chuck. It's a tradition we will carry forward with you.




Jacobs First Dill Chuck Patent, Invented by A.I. Jacobs In USA


Jacobs First Modern Factory, at Park Street in Hartford, CONN, USA


Jacobs® Ball Bearing Super Chuck® Launched


Jacobs® Chuck Manufacturing Company won the “E” Award from Army Navy of United States.


Jacobs Sheffield Plant Founded in UK


Jacobs Launched Lathe Collet Chuck and Rubber-Flex® Collet


Jacobs®  Moved Its Headquarters And U.S.Factory to Clemson,S.C.


Jacobs® Multi-Craft® DIY Keyed Chuck Launched.


Jacobs Merged Into Danaher Group


Jacobs® Portable Keyless Hand-Tite® Chuck Launched.


Jacobs® Hammerlock® ,A Positive Locking Mechanism Keyless Chuck Launched.


Jacobs® Chuck Manufacturing(Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. Founded


Jacobs® 500&700 Series Keyless Chuck launched,with new Hammerlock® and Anti-Lock® technology.


Jacobs New 4000 Series Chuck, A Compact Professional Chuck, Launched.

Shorter and Lighter


Jacobs Was Converted into A Member Of APEX TOOL GROUP.


Jacobs New 5000 Series, A Enhanced Professional Keyless Chuck, Launched.

Stronger Locking Power.


Jacobs Brand New 8000 Series, Ultra Professional Keyless Chuck, Launched.

Powerful Locking Mechanism, Robust and Heavy Duty.


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