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Straight Shank to Jacobs Taper

Model Name: A40_ _ A41_ _ A42_ _ A43_ _

Precision CNC Machined And Ground To Ensure High Accuracy And Close-tolerance Fit.

  • Precision machined and ground to master gages for maximum performance with Jacobs® drill and tap chucks.

  • Adapt Jacobs® taper to: Morse tapers, straight shanks, threaded shanks and Bridgeport® tapers.

  • Ideal for use with custom tool and work holder designs and for specialized machining applications.

Model PN Description L- Length(in/mm) L1- Straight Shank L(in/mm)
A4000/A4001/A4002/ A4003/A4006/A4033 7348DN/7349N/7350N/ 7351N/7353N/7354DN 1/2"x 0JT/1JT/2JT/3JT/6JT/33JT 3.094"/79mm;3.312"/84mm;3.531"/90mm; 3.875"/98mm;3.656"/93mm;3.656"/93mm 2.5"/63.5mm
A4102/A4103/ A4106/A4133 7356N/7357N/ 7359N/7360DN 5/8"x 2JT/3JT/6JT/33JT 3.531"/90mm;3.875"/98mm; 3.656"/93mm;3.656"/93mm 2.5"/63.5mm
A4202/A4203/ A4306/A4233 7361N/7362N/ 7364DN/7365N 3/4"x 2JT/3JT/6JT/33JT 4.031"/102mm; 4.375"/111mm; 4.156"/106mm; 4.156"/106mm 3.0"/76.2mm
A4303/A4306 7367N/7368N 1"x 3JT/6JT 4.375"/111mm; 4.156"/106mm 3.0"/76.2mm

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