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Bridgeport® Taper to Jacobs Taper

Model Name: AO802 AO803 AO804 AO806 AO833

Precision CNC Machined And Ground To Ensure High Accuracy And Close-tolerance Fit.

  • Precision machined and ground to master gages for maximum performance with Jacobs® drill and tap chucks.

  • Adapt Jacobs® taper to: Morse tapers, straight shanks, threaded shanks and Bridgeport® tapers.

  • Ideal for use with custom tool and work holder designs and for specialized machining applications.

Model PN Mount L- Length(in/mm) C- Mount Length(in/mm) D- Dia(in/mm)
AO802 7339N 2JT 5.18"-5.20"/131.6-132.1mm 0.91"-0.92"/23.1-23.4mm 0.49"-0.56"/12.4-14.2mm
AO803 7340N 3JT 5.53"-5.55"/140.5-141.0mm 1.25"-1.27"/31.8-32.3mm 0.75"-0.81"/19.1-20.6mm
AO804 7341N 4JT 5.97"-5.98"/151.6-151.9mm 1.69"-1.70"/42.9-43.2mm 1.04"-1.12"/26.4-28.4mm
AO806 7342DN 6JT 5.31"-5.33"/134.9-135.4mm 1.03"-1.05"/26.2-26.7mm 0.62"-0.68"/15.7-17.3mm
AO833 7343N 33JT 5.31"-5.33"/134.9-135.4mm 1.03"-1.05"/26.2-26.7mm 0.56"-0.62"/14.2-15.7mm

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