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Super Chuck BB Series Ball Bearing Keyed Chuck

Model Name: 8-1/2N 11N 14N 16N 18N 20N

Jacobs Ball Bearing Construction Design Inside. High Precision and Durability.

  • Strong Bit Holding Power.

  • Jaws Center-Grind For Straightness And Alignment.

  • Through-hardened Sleeve Teeth, Plus Hardened Nose And Keyholes Provide Outstanding Wear Resistance.

  • Jacobs' Original Fluted Sleeve Design.

  • Design For Heavy Duty Industrial Applications.

  • T.I.R. 0.003" Maximum At Half Capacity.

Model PN(C&K) Capacity(in) Capacity (mm) Mount Key L (in/mm) Dia (in/mm) Package
8-1/2 N 30209 0.040"-0.250" 0.7-6.5mm 2JT K30 1.95"/49.5mm 1.563"/39.7mm Boxed
11N 30215 0.040"-0.375" 0.7-10.0mm 2JT K32 2.26"/57.4mm 1.932"/49.1mm Boxed
14N JCM30221 0.040"-0.500" 0.7-13.0mm 3JT K3 2.97"/75.4mm 2.443"/62.0mm Boxed
16N 30227 1/8"-5/8" 3.0-16.0mm 3JT K4 3.26"82.8mm 2.633"/66.9mm Boxed
18N 30233 1/8"-3/4" 3.0-19.0mm 4JT K4 3.95"/100.3mm 3.007"/76.4mm Boxed
20N JCM30239 3/8"-1" 10.0-25.4mm 5JT K5 4.23"/107.4mm 3.647"/92.6mm Boxed

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