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High Torque/High Precision IND Keyless With Integrated Shank

Model Name: JK

High Torque, Self-tightening Keyless With Integrated Shank

  • High Precision- Maximum Total Integrated  Run-out 0.0016"

  • Integrated Arbor Design- Arbor Is Integrated Into  The Internal Socket Of The Drill Chuck.

  • Integrity- Prevent An Accidently Separate Of the Arbor And The Drill Chuck.

  • Greater Rigidity and Precision-  Compact Design Eliminates Accumulated Tolerance.

  • Various Mount Options-   Morse Tapers, Straight Shanks and R-8.

Model PN Capacity (in) Capacity (mm) Mount L (in/mm) Dia (in/mm) Package
JK80-MT2 N/A 0.000-0.315 0.0-8.0 MT2 2.56"/65mm 1.50"/38mm N/A
JK100-MT2 31407D 0.000-0.394 0.0-10.0 MT2 2.87"/73mm 1.69"/43mm Boxed
JK130-MT2 31408D 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 MT2 3.15"/80mm 1.89"/48mm Boxed
JK130-MT3 31409 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 MT3 3.15"/80mm 1.89"/48mm Boxed
JK130-MT4 31410 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 MT4 3.23"/82mm 1.89'/48mm Boxed
JK130-R8 31411 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 R8 3.23"/82mm 1.89'/48mm Boxed
JK160-MT3 31414 0.118-0.630 3.0-16.0 MT3 3.35"/85mm 2.13"/54mm Boxed
JK160-MT4 31415 0.118-0.630 3.0-16.0 MT4 3.35"/85mm 2.13"/54mm Boxed
JK160-R8 31416 0.118-0.630 3.0-16.0 R8 3.35"/85mm 2.13"/54mm Boxed

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