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High Torque/High Precision IND Keyless

Model Name: JKT

High Torque, Self-tightening Keyless Type

  • High Precision- Precision Tested and Certified to 0.0016"" T.I.R. Max at Half Capacity,

  • Extra High Grip Torque- Furnished With Spanner Wrench to Allow The Application Of Supplementary Gripping Torque. Light Tightening Increases Gripping Torque Up To 3 Times Higher Than Hand Tightening.

  • Stability Of Bit Holding - Resists Tool Loosening On High-speed Machines With Right Hand Rotation And Instant Spindle Stop.

  • Wide Application - For Use On CNC Machining Centers In Drilling, Boring, Counter-boring And Milling Operations.

Model PN Capacity (in) Capacity (mm) Mount L (in/mm) Dia (in/mm) Package
JKT65-J1 31122D 0.000-0.255 0.0-6.5 1JT 2.44"/62mm 1.28"/32.5mm Boxed
JKT80-J2S N/A 0.000-0.315 0.0-8.0 2JTS* 2.64"/67mm 1.46"/37mm N/A
JKT 100-J33 N/A 0.000-0.394 0.0-10.0 33JT 3.19"/81mm 1.61"/41mm N/A
JKT 100-J2 N/A 0.000-0.394 0.0-10.0 2JT 3.19"/81mm 1.61"/41mm N/A
JKT 130-J2 30527 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 2JT 3.46"/88mm 1.81"/46mm Boxed
JKT 130-J33 30528 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 33JT 3.46"/88mm 1.81"/46mm Boxed
JKT 130-J6 30529 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 6JT 3.46"/88mm 1.81"/46mm Boxed
JKT 160-J6 30530D 0.118-0.630 3.0-16.0 6JT 3.74"/95mm 2.17"/55mm Boxed

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