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Medium Duty IND Keyless

Model Name: JK

Medium Duty Design For Various Applications

  • Industrial Use- Medium Duty

  • Efficiency- Fast Change Of Tools.

  • High Grip Torque- Self-Tightening Feature Automatically Increases The Grip In Proportion To The Increase in Torque During Drilling.

  • Wide Application-  Threaded Mounts For Professional Portable Drill Machines And Taper Fit For Stationary Drilling Machines.

Model PN Capacity (in) Capacity (mm) Mount L (In/mm) Dia (in/mm) Package
JK 130 3/8 N/A 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 3/8-24 UNF 3.39"/86.0mm 1.73"/44mm N/A
JK 130 1/2 33363D 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 1/2-20 UNF 3.39"/86.0mm 1.73"/44mm Boxed
JK 130 J33 33364 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 33JT 3.39"/86.0mm 1.73"/44mm Boxed
JK 130 J2 33365 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 2JT 3.39"/86.0mm 1.73"/44mm Boxed
JK 130 J6 33366 0.039-0.512 1.0-13.0 6JT 3.39"/86.0mm 1.73"/44mm Boxed

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