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Medical Stainless Steel Keyless Chuck

Model Name: 2M KL

Jacobs Stainless Steel Chuck Is Widely Used in Medical Portable Tool.

  • Good Anti-Corrosion Performance - All components of SS Chuck Are Made From Stainless Steel

  • Good Anti-Rust Performance- Specific Surface Treatment With Multiprocessing Ensures A Excellent Rust Protection In Medical Or Corrosive Environments.

  • Spark Prevention- Stainless Steel Can Reduce This Potential Risk In Special Environment.

  • Precision-  T.I.R. 0.007".

Model PN(C&K) PN(Chuck) Capacity(in) Capacity (mm) Mount Key L (in/mm) Dia (in/mm) Package
2M KL 1JT (Asia) - JCM33468 0.020"-0.315" 0.5-8.0mm 1JT - 2.272"/57.7mm 1.181"/30.0mm Boxed
0M KL 0JT - 32723 0.016"-0.125" 0.5-3.0mm 0JT - 1.730"/44.0mm 0.940"/24.0mm Boxed

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