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Lathe Chuck Collet

Model Name: J910 J911 J912 J913 J914 J915 J916 J918 J919 J920 J921

Jacobs® Rubber-Flex Collets Outperform Conventional Split-steel Collets In Gripping Power, Accuracy And Durability.

  • Parallel Jaw Insert Surfaces Exert Uniform, Accurate Gripping Force Up to Three Times Greater Than Can Be Achieved with Split-Steel Collets.

  • Each Collet Accepts and Precisely Centers a Wide Range of Both Decimal or Metric Diameters (Within Individual Capacity Ranges) to Speed Setups and Increase Machining Productivity.

  • Durable One-Piece Construction. Synthetic Rubber Retains Flexibility and Resists Deterioration From Heat, Coolants and Cutting Compounds.

  • Steel Jaw Inserts Precision Ground After Molding Process to Ensure Maximum Gripping Accuracy. Hardened for Greater Wear Resistance Than Split Steel Collets.

  • Each Collet Bore is Held Concentric to the O.D. Tapers, Front and Back, to Minimize T.I.R.

  • Automatically Seals Tool O.D. to Prevent Coolant Flow Through Thus Increasing Tool Wear.

  • Seals Collets and Machine Spindles to Protect From Abrasive Particles and Swarf.

Model PN A- Cap.(in) A- Cap.(mm) B- Length(in/mm) C- Angle D- Dia(in/mm) No.of Inserts
J910 9555D 0.060"-0.125" 1.5-3.2mm 1.74"/44.5mm 26° 2.25"/57mm 4
J911 9556D 0.125"-0.250" 3.2-6.4mm 1.74"/44.5mm 26° 2.25"/57mm 6
J912 9557DD 0.25"-0.375" 6.4-9.5mm 1.74"/44.5mm 26° 2.25"/57mm 6
J913 9558D 0.375"-0.500" 9.5-12.7mm 1.74"/44.5mm 26° 2.25"/57mm 8
J914 9559D 0.500"-0.625" 12.7-15.9mm 1.74"/44.5mm 26° 2.25"/57mm 10
J915 9560D 0.625"-0.750" 15.9-19.1mm 1.74"/44.5mm 26° 2.25"/57mm 10
J916 9561 0.750"-0.875" 19.1-22.2mm 1.74"/44.5mm 26° 2.25"/57mm 12
J918 9563 1.000"-1.125" 25.4-28.6mm 1.74"/44.5mm 26° 2.25"/57mm 20
J919 9564 1.125"-1.250" 28.6-31.8mm 1.74"/44.5mm 26° 2.25"/57mm 24
J920 / J921 9565D / 9567 1.250"-1.375" / 1.375"-1.5" 31.8-34.9mm / 34.9-38.1mm 1.74"/44.5mm 26° 2.25"/57mm 24

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